With a focus on easing increasingly high costs of living and relieving some pressure on small businesses, the Government’s pre-election Budget provides welcomed tax breaks, cash flow support and a range of measures aimed at digitisation.

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Federal Budget Debrief Webinar

What does the Federal Budget mean for Australia’s middle-market businesses?

Todd Want and Danielle Constantine break down the key budget measures and help you prepare strategies.

5 key take-outs for SMEs

Train your

Can you use the Skills and Training Boosts for financial support to upskill your workforce?

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Digitise your

Between the TFE and the new technology “boost”, there’s good incentive for technology investments.

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Watch your

Reductions to fuel excise and GST and PAYG instalments will increase cashflow.

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Consider digitised tax reporting

It will make your life easier, but will make data matching easier for tax authorities.

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Pay attention to tax risks

There is increased funding for ATO audits of larger, riskier business and transactions.

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Key policies at a glance

Cost of

The 2022-23 Budget focused on easing cost of living pressures.

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Safer &

Measures designed to protect the environment and provide disaster relief.

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Health, Aged Care & Education

Increased focus on Health, Aged Care, Disability and Education.

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Infrastructure &

Investing in infrastructure with a focus on regional areas.

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Investing in women’s health, leadership and safety.

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Budget analysis

Small to medium business

The Federal Budget supports investments into technology and skills training, with a boost to cashflow by tax instalment reductions.


The 2022-23 Federal Budget focuses on reducing the complexity of tax and regulatory compliance for businesses, and facilitating data sharing.


Tax relief, and more flexible parental leave arrangement are some of the key changes for individuals.


Removal of the $450 per month income threshold will see employers making contributions for all employees from 1 July 2022.

Grants and incentives

Focuses include expansion of the patent box regime to agricultural sector and low emissions technologies; and boosting modern manufacturing.


The Government has announced a series of measures to support the upskilling of Australia’s workforce and address workforce shortages.

2022-23 Budget spokespeople

For commentary on the 2022-23 Federal Budget, please direct your enquiries to

Greg Travers, Director

Small Business and International

Jack Qi, Director

Tax – Technology and Innovation

Belinda Hudson, Director

Business Advisory – Health

Ian Cattanach, Director

Business Advisory – Manufacturing

Scott Girdlestone, Director

Wealth Advisory – Wealth

Tricia Kleinig, Principal


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