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Substantial wealth can introduce complexities in managing family finances. While some high net worth individuals (HNWIs) possess experience in tax, finance and investments, many seek the expertise of a professional wealth manager to complement their skill sets and enhance their wealth-building capabilities.

Regardless of your circumstances, we take pride in partnering with you to add value. Through the application of our expertise and project management experience, we aim to deliver successful outcomes tailored to the unique and complex needs of our clients.

We provide a comprehensive safeguard for the future, encompassing strategic advice around maximising after-tax income and growth but also having a strong focus on asset protection, estate planning and efficient intergenerational wealth transfer.

Key solutions

  • Build your financial roadmap/plan
  • Identify the appropriate financial strategies to optimise your assets and liabilities, such as matching cash flow to effective debt
  • Maximise business and personal investments
  • Advise and manage family trusts and SMSFs
  • Build and manage an investment portfolio tailored to your needs, with a focus on wealth protection, cash flow and capital growth
  • Invest globally, enabling world class outcomes with a domestic overlay to maximise after tax returns.
  • Develop bespoke solutions to enhance your returns over the long term
  • Tailor strategies to support the transition of your business and/or personal wealth to the next generation
  • Couple your experiences with ours to help shape the next generation of your family through a detailed education series. Leaving no stone unturned to give them the best chance to build on your current success
  • Identify opportunities to optimise tax outcomes
  • Identify the right ownership structures to minimise tax and enhance cash flow
  • Work with your accountant and other professional advisors to optimise your financial plan
  • Use our breadth of knowledge across the William Buck network to maximise your company and trust structures, ensuring you retain as much of your investment returns as possible
  • Personal risk insurance strategies, like life, TPD and income protection insurance
  • Buy and sell insurance agreements to protect your business interests
  • Ensure appropriate real asset protection is in place – home, business premises, other real assets
  • Ensure appropriate insurance premiums are being paid for the protection that is on offer
  • Tailor strategies to support the transition of your business and/or personal wealth
  • Develop a plan to minimise the impact of death or incapacity of a family member on your financial management.
  • Assist to set the parameters now and educate the family, ensuring they are aware of what is to happen in the future
  • Protect and enhance your long-term legacies, position and impact in your community
  • Achieve effective and sustainable giving through causes that match your values
  • Use philanthropy as an education tool for not only the next generation but for generations to come
  • Manage paperwork and platforms associated with your investments
  • Oversee banking of investment income and payment of expenses
  • Assist with handling the management of personal finances
  • Advise and manage your SMSF, provide tailored reports, simplify tax returns and enhance compliance
  • Assist in the required investment, tax, insurance and accounting paperwork to enable a smooth working environment

Frequently asked questions

What is a high net worth individual?

A high-net-worth individual is someone who holds significant financial assets (excluding their primary residence), often spanning various investments, properties and businesses. Such individuals are distinguished by their substantial wealth, necessitating specialised strategies and services tailored to their unique financial situation.

How can a high net worth individual benefit from a wealth manager?

We take a holistic approach to managing your financial well-being, ensuring every aspect, from investments to retirement to wealth transition, aligns with your financial aspirations. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that they have a team of highly skilled professionals to help them navigate the complexities that come with growing and protecting their wealth for the future.

What is William Buck’s approach to risk management for high net worth clients?

At William Buck, our approach to risk management integrates a thorough understanding of the financial landscape with bespoke strategies tailored to individual client needs.

Investment risk is mitigated through the products we recommend, the structures you invest through and portfolio construction. This ensures a balanced, diversified portfolio designed to navigate the toughest of markets. We do not diversify for diversification’s sake, instead, we build an asset allocation and portfolio that will perform well through the cycle with as few adverse surprises as possible.

We continue to manage client investments regularly, tilting the asset allocation as investment markets and the economy evolve and change. As your portfolio evolves, you will notice changes to your returns over the years.

How can William Buck help protect the assets of high net worth individuals?

Safeguarding our clients’ assets is at the forefront of everything we do. Risk management is a key part of the service we provide, and we can assist with asset protection by using insurance, ownership structures and IT security.

Insurance policies are used to protect the current value of assets should they be lost or destroyed.

We design ownership structures that allow for assets to be protected for future generations by ensuring the right directors are in charge, making it the first line of defence against misallocation and fraud.

We ensure we have the tightest risk management policies surrounding your wealth, making it impossible for external parties to access your capital or investments. With state-of-the art technology that includes two-factor authentication and a check and balance linked directly to you for any asset transfers, we safeguard your assets from misuse.

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