Beware of bogus ACNC emails, threatening the security of Australian charities

Charities are receiving phishing emails that purport to be from the ACNC.

While the ACNC may request personal information from a charity, for example, in a registration application, charities should be wary about to whom they provide personal information.

Charities should be vigilant and check emails for poor grammar and spelling, an email domain that doesn’t match the name of the alleged sender/company, offer donations in exchange for information, and include suspicious links.

If you receive an email purporting to be from the ACNC and are unsure of its legitimacy, call your registration analyst or the advice team on 13 22 62.

Any request for information from the ACNC will include a signature block containing telephone and email contact details of the person sending the request.

Senate Inquiry into ‘wages theft’ begins

The senate has referred terms of reference to its economics-references committee into the causes, extent and effects of unlawful non-payment or underpayment of employees’ remuneration.

The terms include:

  • The forms of and reasons for wage theft and whether it is regarded by some businesses as ‘a cost of doing business’.
  • The cost of wage and superannuation theft to the national economy.
  • The best means of identifying and uncovering wage and superannuation theft, including ensuring that those exposing wage/superannuation theft are adequately protected from adverse treatment.
  • The taxation treatment of people whose stolen wages are later repaid to them.
  • Whether extension of liability and supply-chain measures should be introduced to drive improved compliance with wage and superannuation-related laws.
  • The most effective means of recovering unpaid entitlements and deterring wage and superannuation theft, including changes to laws that would assist with recovery and deterrence.
  • Whether federal government procurement practices can be modified to ensure that public contracts are awarded only to businesses that do not engage in wage and superannuation theft, and
  • Any related matters.

The committee is to report to the senate by the last sitting day of June.